Nginx maintenance page with 503 HTTP status code

Conspiracy KeanuThe other day I had to do some maintenance on a server with Nginx configured as a reverse proxy for Apache. The configuration was very simple - Nginx was in front of Apache and it served static content. Apache in the back was responsible for PHP stuff.

During the maintenance period, I wanted to redirect all requests to a custom maintenance page. Also, to avoid search engines indexing my maintenance page, I wanted that maintenance page returns proper HTTP status code - i.e. 503 service unavailable.


Webalizer stats for multiple websites

Samuel L. JacksonWebalizer is a web log analysis software licensed under GPL. It's written in C and it's super fast in processing access log files. Configuring Webalizer is very easy, especially if your Apache web server combines all access logs into one log file, but I noticed that many people have trouble configuring Webalizer for multiple websites (virtualhosts). There are a couple of ways to make this trouble disappear, but I'll explain only one which is, in my opinion, one of the easiest and applicable in most scenarios.

Although I'm using CentOS 6, this tutorial isn't CentOS-specific. So, if you're using another distro you'll notice that there are some differences, but you'll get there in the end.