Change passwords for multiple cPanel accounts (bulk password reset)

Geeks and repetitive tasksThe other day I needed to change passwords for multiple cPanel accounts. Since there was a lot accounts in question, changing passwords manually was out of the question. Changing passwords from shell using passwd utility was also out of the question because that would change only the password for Unix user - MySQL and FTP passwords would remain unchanged. In the end I wrote a simple script which automates changing system, FTP and MySQL passwords for cPanel user.


Changing (forgotten) PostgreSQL password

PostgreSQLWhether you lost password for postgres user or you'd just like to change it, the process is very simple. Unlike resetting lost password for MySQL's root user, resetting postgres' password is pretty straightforward and you'll not experience any kind of downtime. This article explains how to change/reset password for postgres user in PostgreSQL 8.4 server that runs on CentOS 5.7, but I've thrown in some tips to help you out if you're using Debian or Ubuntu Linux distro.